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Pricing + Plans. 


Build a Website: (Basic)

Full service, website building, by our team, to meet your company’s specifications.

We’ll consult with your team, offer a prototype (clickable, and interactive) for you to test out, build a site, with essential navigation, contact features, visitor analytics, and a live-chat setup (if needed), as well as get you setup with a minimum period of hosting.


Social Media Managing: (Basic)

Full service, social media management, on up to 3 platforms (we recommend Instagram, Facebook + Twitter/Pinterest to start with).

We’ll consult with your team, implement scheduling tools, content folders, and location, topic, and demographic templates, to best use analytics to find your target audiences, and make the most of your business’ presence on social.


Packages: Core Level

Get started with a package + monthly project plan that works for you.  Phased projects, divided by media & strategy, equally hit every section of your marketing + launch needs in a comprehensive way. Win big, with packages that bundle a large array of engagement tools, software, content management, and ad spend, at varying degrees of intensity. 

Let's Talk About Core Plans. 

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Core Level: Pricing.

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Core Level: Social

350 USD/mo

Jump start your presence on social media on your platform of choice. We'll start you off with basic targeting (locations, age, competitors), and a rudimentary growth package, to bring initial users to your brand's pages. With simple feed-management and planning, you'll be able to see our joint vision for your brand on social, and time posts to make the most of when target users are most active. A basic audit of strategy is included, as well as some simple content generation strategy + tools.

Perfect for emerging brands, building your first 1k-10k followers, and just getting started leveraging social, for customer/client acquisition.

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Core Level: Digital

450 USD/mo

Land leads, convert visitors, and create landing pages known for their “sticky" qualities. This package consists of a basic audit of web-pages, portfolios, landings, and online stores. Make sure your pages showcase your work optimally, drive visitor action, and are always up-to-date.

This package includes basic page setup, management, analytics, and simple template + form customization/storage. We'll help do an audit of all of your digital assets + content regularly, to make sure they are optimized for thumbnails, product staging, and full-site banners.

Perfect for e-commerce, design firms, and brands looking achieve visual consistency across platforms.

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Core Level: Ad Spend

550 USD/mo

Drive audiences to your brand, and eliminate the grunt work of marketing campaigns. 

With a broad service basket, including basic Adwords strategy + a complimentary audit, paid search, promoted listings (Instagram, Facebook, Google Shopping), third-party referral network set-up, as well as an introduction to embedded content marketing, display ad networks, affiliate marketing, and referral systems, we'll help set-up your brand, to get you up and running with the marketing grunt-work, and drive traffic to your business.

This package includes a basic discretionary ad-spend budget, as well as simple metrics, elementary campaign management, and monthly updates. 

Perfect for businesses/firms looking to automate the marketing process, emergent brands in a growth stage + blogs, influencers, and creatives looking to capitalize on traffic/drive revenue from multiple sources.  

Second Tier: Packages.

For when you need more in-depth ad, marketing, and social.


Packages: Second Tier


For those clients & teams who want a little more of a turbo-'boost' to their marketing + launch efforts.  Verify, target, and drive audience engagement, with just that push in terms of ad spend, social automation software, content production, and brand-specific design.

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Second Tier: Social

850 USD/mo

Add some impact to the targeting, campaigns, and content marketing pre-and post launch. Enjoy all the benefits of the core package, with additional power in terms of growth and engagement software for social: with precise competitor targeting that drives audience traffic and conversion to your pages, touch points, check-out, and sign up pages by siphoning off competitor follower groups to your pages.

Benefit from bespoke, brand-specific templates to optimize content presentation, and post-scheduling software to automate uploading to social based on optimal follower times, audience activity, and conversion. 


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Second Tier: Digital

950 USD/mo, or per project

Go above and beyond, with the best in digital tailoring, services, and product updates for your business. 

Take advantage of everything in the core plan, with the added boost of complex page set-up, basic customization and design, form + survey setup and storage, design and navigation audits, as well as access to coordinated image + video asset storage, so all your content optimizes, for whatever network, presentation, or device they are viewed from. 

Additionally, we'll take care of managing, updating, and implementing the best in product updates, CRM (to keep up with clients/sales leads), live chat to better serve your customers, and custom form design + storage, to best take care of visitors looking to get specific questions answered within a moment's notice.


Second Tier: Ad-Spend

1050 USD/mo, or per project

Drive brand awareness, with an aggressive ad mix, curated and managed by our team.

This plan includes a bump in monthly discretionary ad-spend budget + complimentary management and deployment: so that your page, products, and work are guaranteed to soar to the top of the page of your target audience's search results, feeds, and timelines. 

With this plan, we'll deploy your allocated ad spend to most efficiently leverage the best/and most followed influencers, blogs, and digital channels to drive traffic to your pages and products.

Our team will help you monetize and drive a consistent revenue stream from your existing audiences on social, through curated, 'as-seen-on' shop-able feeds, as well as embedded, product-centric content marketing, and more advanced affiliate links. 

Lastly, our team will get you started with shop-able setup, Google Shopping listings, professional upgrades via industry networks (such as Houzz, Dering Lane, Archiproducts, and Archinect), based on your specific sector + business needs.

Benefit from the best in growth marketing techniques to achieve your rapid acquisition and growth goals quicker, and on autopilot.



Projects + Pricing: A One-Time Setup.

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Starter Projects. 

[When you need them].

Whether it is setting up shop, rebranding, making sure your flagship site is up-to-date, or getting your work & products out there, we've got your team covered with one-time, or starter projects to fit your needs.

Based on your budget, needs, and vision for your business, we'll get you started out with a full-service setup: so that you can get up, running, and ready to achieve your growth goals! 

Brand Refine Web Setup

Web Setup: E-Commerce add-ons, Flagship, Customization

Starting from 1500 USD, or per project

The process of setting up a site, calibrating a new e-commerce setup can seem stressful. It doesn't have to!

This project includes a full-service consultation, road-mapping, design, and execution, of a site that meets your business needs!

Outline + brainstorm your vision for your site with a member of our team, and have access to fully workable prototypes + functionality all along the way.  Furthermore, our team will tailor your project to your particular sector, be it a gateway for your firm, or an e-commerce destination.

We'll take care of a full year of hosting + getting you started, from start to launch, as well as keeping you in the loop with weekly updates! 

Don't let the daunting appearance of custom-tailored sites + e-commerce solutions hold back your business. Get your vision executed today! 

Brand Refine App Beta

App Development + Roadmapping [Beta]

Starting from 10,000 USD

In a mobile first world, it can seem like a battle to not only acquire customers, clients, and active users, but even get them to remember and use your product. 

Don't be left behind by development inertia. 

Let's get you started with a product brainstorming with our team, to decide the look, functionality, and positioning of your product, as well as a visual brand language + interface that suits your industry.

We'll take care of coordinating UX/UI design, presenting you with clickable + interactive/fully functional prototypes, all along the way, and keep you in the loop about a timeline on the developing, coding, and launch process. 


PR: Starter Kit + Placement

Starting from 900 USD per project


The best part of making great work & products is getting recognized for your unique take on your industry! 

At times, it can seem like Press Placement and PR, is a far-off concept, often costly, and somewhat opaque. When applied to your unique growth needs, that doesn't have to be the case! 

On a case-by-case basis, we can offer your business placement, and features that suit your industry/brand identity.

Get all the details in advance, work directly with our team on copy/brand voice, and enjoy the benefits of bespoke PR + feature management from our end.

With this plan, you can either choose to pay per placement, or integrate it into one of our core + second tier plans, to enjoy the benefits of bulk pricing!

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