Frequently Asked Questions.

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What is your project minimum/retainer fee?

No project-minimums, or pesky retainer fees. We aim to provide each client + business with the perfect tools to succeed. Your team can start with as many projects/campaigns started, or as little as one. Whenever possible, we'll try to accommodate pricing to your needs and set budget!

Need one-on-one help/more info? Feel free to set a time to chat with a team member here: book a time. 

Are your projects invoiced on a set schedule? How do we pay?

We typically use Stripe for invoicing, with straightforward + clear fee structures, so you know exactly what each project will run/which components cost what!

Ad budgets + press pricing are typically set beforehand, so you can adjust scopes + pricing with us, based on what works best for your team, and what doesn't. 

Shop time. Love the products, but not quite sure if they’ll fit in my space. What do shipping times/exchanges look like?

Our goal with our products, is to provide perfect, design-based, sustainable solutions for your space. This is why we print, produce, and design all wall art products in-house, and work with vetted suppliers for any home accessories, frames, and large items.

All products have a consistent 3-4 day lead time, and ship throughout the US and internationally within a week. Need items faster? Simply select expedited shipping at check-out.

Sizing wasn’t exactly what you were expecting? Let us know, either via live chat (at bottom right), or email us directly here, and we’d be happy to provide a complimentary sizing exchange/adjustment to your order!

Returns are available, within 14 days, and we can offer up to 1 complimentary size exchange for prints, in the instance of off-sizing. Simply reach out via email here, or our live chat, for help with an order.

What if I want to get in touch with a team member before starting a project?

Ideally, we want to make sure that whatever project you start with us, if you decide to move forward, is a perfect fit. Book a time to chat with a member of our team here.

Subscription pricing for products usually tends to be pretty straightforward, and we have a wide array of options we can offer! 

As for custom-tailored campaigns + managed content, the fees are pretty straightforward, and tend to be flexible based on how much targeting/revamping you would like to do!

How do I see where my project is at?

We typically use cloud-based collaborative tools (Slack, Macaw) to show you where our work is at, which projects are in progress, and what metrics are coming in on your campaigns!

Anytime you'd like to get in touch, ask a quick question, feel free to add in a quick comment or two on the channel! 

Any other questions?

Don't hesitate to ask! We have a live chat (at bottom right), you can email us directly here, or book a time on our calendar below: